A butterscotch, crispy rice cereal treat, Chrispies won both Best Savory Dessert and Best in Show at Vape Showcase Atlanta 2018.


An unholy combination of too much apple, too much batter, too much deep frying, and too much love. Fritter from Psiquid personifies a fall favorite. Imagine a battered and fried apple fritter, topped with a gooey cinnamon glaze. 


A Turkish style Pistachio Ice cream inspired by a Turkish restaurant in Winter Park, Florida.


A creamy peach and mango smoothie that will take your tastebuds on a journey to the warm, sandy beaches of Florida.

lime time

I had some limes, so I sliced them up.  I got some more limes, so I decided to juice those limes. I had some soda, so I decided it was Lime Time! Fizzy, refreshing, and chock full of limey goodness.


Originally named “Agador Spartacus: I do not wear shoes, they make me fall down.”, Birdcage is a guava jam-filled, buttery, flaky pastry, inspired by Chris’ adventures in South Beach, Miami, a grocery store that made him fatter, and a movie shot there.

Plan 9

Out of this World Buttery Shortbread Cookie, with a Strawberry Jam Center

Reintroducing Midway!


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